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Applications of low gas flow measurement in biogas research and commercial applications - Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment

Whether you need data for research or business decisions, we offer reliable instruments that can generate analytical data rich in both quality and quantity.

Biogas R&D

SCIENCE & RESEARCHExtremely accurate and precise testing

Whether you are working at a university, public or private research laboratory, you can rely on Bioprocess Control’s instruments to provide extremely accurate and precise testing of biomethane, biogas, and biohydrogen potential, as well as simulations of biodegradation processes.

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Lab Management

LAB MANAGEMENTReliable instruments

We provide lab managers and technicians in the biogas field all over the world with reliable instruments to find the most efficient and profitable biogas and biomethane production pathway.

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Energy Plant

ENERGY PLANTIncrease your profits

Optimise your biogas or bioethanol plant, or, if you’re a substrate provider, our instruments help set a value on the biomass you are offering as a potential feedstock.

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Food & Farming

FOOD & FARMINGProfit from your biological waste

As a farmer, food or beverage producer there is profit to be gained from exploiting an untapped revenue source – your biological waste.

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Waste & Sludge

WASTE & SLUDGEIncrease the revenue from your waste and sludge

Whether you are a company dealing with waste management or wastewater treatment, with Bioprocess Control you can easily determine the biogas production potential of any high strength organic waste, industry effluent or wastewater sewage sludge.

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Applications in biogas

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