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Aquaculture Pond Liners for Aquaculture Application - Agriculture - Aquaculture

Aquaculture pond liners are the most important to  control water quality which can affect the fish or shrimp health. BPM extremely low permeable aquaculture pond liners are specially reinforced HDPE geomembanes with superior UV rays, hydrostatic and elevated temperature resistance, which make BPM geomembrane HPDE liner as ideal products for aquaculture and agriculture applications.

Aquaculture Pond Liners Applications

Advantages of Aquaculture Pond Liners
  • Lowest permeability.
  • High tensile strength and excellent chemical resistance.
  • Outstanding stress crack capacity
  • Light weight for easy transportation and installation.
  • High UV Stress Cracking resistance.
  • Cost effective, longer serve life.

BPM geomembrane HDPE pond liners are proven to be the best choice for aquaculture and agriculture to  contain water and control its quality for fish or shrimp farms. They are available in wide width and factory price. Please contact us for more detailed information.