Aquatech International Corporation

Aquatech Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

In a Steamflood Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process, steam is injected in the well, lowering the viscosity of heavy oil suitable for extraction through the production wells. The fluid from the wells is a mixture of oil, water and gas and goes through a separation system to separate the three. The separated produced water is heavily contaminated with dissolved solids and hydrocarbons. Aquatech’s Steamflood Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Technology offers the integrated solutions for the treatment EOR produced water for boilers, generating a purified product that can be reused for the production and injection of steam. Our turnkey approach to treatment includes coordinating the logistics of wastewater removal off-site and any sludge disposal.

Treated water, however, can be reused in the system.

Aquatech is one of the pioneering companies to offer oil recovery water recycle and reuse systems for the Enhanced Oil Recovery fields. We offer fully integrated automated systems that produce and outlet high purity distillate that can even be used as high purity distillate for the steam generator plant. Contact us for more information about our produced water treatment systems.