Aquatech International Corporation

Aquatech Water Management Solutions for Unconventional Gas - Oil, Gas & Refineries - Gas

Managing produced water from shale gas wells is challenging and requires a variety of solutions & services. Aquatech offers mobile and/or central facility solutions that provide customers to suit their needs. The demands of field operations on equipment and personnel require a high level of continued dedication, experience, & engineering. Aquatech delivers reliability on all of these fronts to ensure that water management & treatment enable gas production to proceed rapidly and efficiently. Our solutions ensure a consistent water composition, with minimal contamination. This enables predictable production characteristics such as consistent hydro fracturing and minimal down-hole scaling. Most import, Aquatech offers sustainable solutions that are friendly to the environment and to the gas producer. The industry needs treatment standards to exceed current and future regulatory requirements. Our commitment to sustainability sets a standard way beyond what many believe is possible today.

Reliable -Industry Proven Capabilities

Reliability Redefined

The ultimate test of reliability is knowing where your unconventional gas wastewater is going and its condition at all times. Transparency is the key. Aquatech is centered on providing a clear process for tracking and monitoring the entire wastewater treatment process and data. By developing a comprehensive well pad water treatment solution, the entire process is visible and best managed.

Sustainable -Environmentally Friendly Solution

Community Impact

Our water treatment solutions enable more on-site recycling and reuse, thereby reducing the number of trucks required for off-site disposal. In addition to improving the economics of your unconventional gas water management program; the reduced levels of noise, dust, carbon emissions, and road damage will have a positive environmental impact.

Adaptable -What You Need, When You Need It

  • Adaptable to different well pad layouts
  • Multi-tier water treatment
  • Wide range of treatment technologies
  • Ability to handle wide variations in water chemistry
  • Custom options available