Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

AutoChem - Organic Synthesis

Today, pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies face major challenges posed by globalization, environmental regulation, and shortened product life cycle that affect all aspects of their business. The research and development of an optimized chemical synthesis route must be carried out in less time and with less chemical waste to ensure a robust and economic process that can be efficiently scaled to manufacturing while meeting constraints related to product yield and purity, process and worker safety, and environmental concerns.

METTLER TOLEDO provides a range of enabling solutions to aid organic synthesis research and development. Parallel Synthesis tools (MiniBlock) and Automated Lab Reactors (EasyMax, LabMax, RC1) ensure consistent, well-controlled experimental conditions for optimized Design of Experiments (DOE) studies. In situ Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) such as ReactIR real-time in situ FTIR and RTCalTM real-time calorimetry provide the ability to continuously monitor a chemical reaction for a deeper understanding of reaction kinetics, reaction mechanisms and pathways, and heat flow information that provide a faster and more efficient path to an optimized synthesis.