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AutoChem - Particle and Droplet Processing

Optimize Multiphase Processes With In Situ Video and Real-Time Particle and Droplet Measurements. Particles and droplets are everywhere in the chemical, consumer products, pulp and paper, and petroleum industries. Particles grow, agglomerate, break, dissolve, and change shape - all of which can have an impact on process performance and product quality. To be successful, chemists and engineers must understand and optimize particle size distributions to control process efficiency such as stability, separations, or flow properties. In addition, particle and emulsion distributions must be well controlled to ensure repeatable product yield, shelf life, and bulk density.

Strengthened by over 20 years of experience and thousands of installations worldwide, Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM) and Particle Vision Microscope (PVM) process analytical technology enable scientists and engineers to use real-time particle and droplet distribution measurements to make more informed, faster decisions.

Knowledge of the particle performance gained through FBRM and PVM technologies can cut months from development times, maximize process throughput, and optimize product quality.  The application of FBRM and PVM ensures targeted particle distributions are achieved, robust processes are designed, downstream cycle times are maximized, and failures at the pilot and manufacturing scale are eliminated.

Early Development

  • Speed the development of new products
  • Early determination of process scalability
  • Quickly establish variable conditions

Process Development and Scale-up

  • Establish conditions to ensure batch repeatability
  • Gain confidence in optimized process efficiency
  • Build quality into the process to ensure the highest product quality


  • Eliminate batch failures
  • Achieve targeted product specifications (Particle Size Distribution, yield, bulk density)
  • Improve cycle time
  • Optimize separations rates
  • Enhance product stability