Automatic binding devices for Cardboard factories and cardboard packaging manufacturers

Printing offices, cardboard factories or cardboard packaging manufacturers, aluminum foils, hygiene paper. Do you want a quality baler that isn’t affected by dust and small pieces?. Looking for a complete solution that includes a transport system from the origin of the waste to the baler?.

  • We have broad experience in the field of performing such installations, having executed over 30 such installations in Slovenia and abroad.
  • The pistons and the automatic binding devices are manufactured so that they enable binding without any congestion of material.
  • Effective skimmers reduce the accumulation of small cuttings at the rear part of the machine.
  • The baler's construction enables that small pieces automatically fall out and therefore makes cleaning-up a simple process.
  • It is possible to install additional bars that prevent the cuttings from falling out due to the chamber pressure resulting from the suction transport system.
  • The piston stops at the front to prevent the shavings from rejecting.