Innovas Technologies LLC

Automatic Tube Cleaning System for Refining - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Now there’s a simple solution for improving your refinery’s cooling process efficiency. Innovas Technologies offers our innovative Helios Tube Cleaning System technology that prevents fouling your process heat exchangers naturally and sustainably — without costly process shutdowns or chemical treatments.  Whether it’s a process heat exchanger, SAGD produced water heat exchanger, extraction water preheater, vacuum condenser, or overheads condenser, our ball tube cleaning system technology will improve heat transfer efficiency and reduce downtime.  And when your heat exchanger tubes are clean, the productivity of your refinery improves. Our Helios Tube Cleaning System technology provides benefits in a wide range of applications: water, fuels, lubricants, acids and other fouling liquids. And we provide fouling-prevention solutions for heat exchangers working in extreme temperatures, with corrosive liquids or other extreme fouling conditions.

  • Increased Productivity: Eliminate the need for process shutdown for heat exchanger cleaning. Reduce process upsets by continuously operating heat exchangers at stable maximum efficiency.
  • Reduced Maintenance Expense: Drastically reduce or eliminate costly and time-consuming downtime for heat exchanger cleaning.
  • Sustainability: Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. No hazardous cleaning chemical handling or disposal required.