Vulcan Drying Systems

Automotive Shredder Residue Drying - Metal

Getting economic value from landfill waste like automotive shredder residue (ASR) is a big challenge that can have a big payoff. Vulcan® Systems Drying Technology is the key component of material preparation when separating ASR waste to reclaim energy and metals. Vulcan® ASR Dryer Systems are manufactured to suit each client’s individual project needs and custom-designed specifically to dry ASR, making the material easy to transport, separate, and handle. This drying system consists of a drum with a burner that is mounted to a combustion chamber. Shredder residue is fed into the rotary dryer. After passing through the system, the dried material is discharged to a transfer conveyor for further sorting and separation. The vapor from the process is pulled through a cyclone that is specifically designed to deal with the fine ASR dust, as well as a high-temperature baghouse that removes additional fine particulates from the vapor stream.

Automotive Shredder Residue Dryer

Our dryers are highly efficient and keep material temperature under 185? (85?) while reducing ASR moisture levels as low as 2% by weight. They are fully automated, and production rates and material quality are easily controlled.

Drying makes handling automotive shredder waste easier and more cost-effective because it reduces moisture, weight, clumping, and volume.