Bramidan Balers

Balers and compactor solutions for expanded plastic industry - Plastics & Resins

You can compact or granulate these high valuable waste fractions that are found in various applications.


You can find EPS waste in many different applications and industries. EPS is used for transportation of boxes for various foodstuff products like fish, meat and vegetables. It is also used for insulating packaging material for brown and white goods.

EPS is a light material but very bulky. This means that EPS waste takes up a lot of space when stored in a container.

You can compact some EPS waste materials in a vertical baler, and some can be crushed in a granulator. Contact us or your local Bramidan distributor to give you advice about the best solution for you.


Foam is made of many kinds of material and in different combinations, mainly for transportation and insulation purposes.

Some lighter and smaller parts of foam material can be compacted in a vertical baler, others that are more expandable or very compact can be more difficult to compact. We suggest you add a layer of cardboard at the bottom and on top of the finished bale to keep it stable and holding it together.

Before you decide which baler to use for your foam waste, we recommend you contact us or your local Bramidan distributor to get more information and help to find the right solution.