Bramidan Balers

Balers and compactor solutions for paper industry - Pulp & Paper

Paper waste is mostly identified as shredded material, bags, newspapers and magazines.

Shredded paper

Shredded paper can be compacted in a baler very efficiently.

There is a big variation in types of shredded paper but whatever shapes you have, you can always compact it.

When compacting shredded paper in a vertical baler, we recommend you put a layer of flattened cardboard at the bottom and on top of the bale to help it remain stable.

Paper sacks

Paper sacks are found in many shapes and sizes.

Some bags have an inner lined plastic film that might affect the possibilities of recycling.

Paper bags can always be compacted, but you should ask for advice from us or your local Bramidan distributor about which machine type that will do the job in the best way for your specific paper bags.

News papers

News papers can be well compacted into bales.

When you compact paper waste like news papers in a baler, you should avoid to fill in the material in bundles, because it is difficult to compact a bundle of paper more than it already is.