Bramidan Balers

Balers and compactor solutions for plastic industry

There is a big variation in plastic waste, divided into different international classifications.

Plastic, soft

Soft plastic can be found in many different products, but the major volumes are found as stretch film or plastic coverage for goods delivered on pallets. You also find it as soft carrier bags and bin liners.

Soft plastic is a valuable recyclable material. The price for this material depends on the purity of the waste, meaning the better sorted the higher value.

Dry soft plastic can be compacted in all our balers, the choice of the machine only depends on volumes and shape of the material.

Plastic bottles

PET material is widely known from soft drink and water bottles, but you will also find PET material used for e.g. drinking cups and smaller food containers.

Before compaction of plastic bottles, they should be perforated or the lids should been taken off, otherwise the bottles will still contain a lot of air.

To help the finished bale remain stable when compacting in a vertical baler, we recommend that you put a layer of cardboard at the bottom and on top of the finished bale.

Plastic jugs

Plastic jugs or high density bottles are used in the food industry and for many washing and cleaning liquids.

We recommend that you compact these with the lids taken off or after the jugs and bottles have been perforated. This will give you the best result when compacting. By doing so you will take away all the remaining air in the material.

When compacting especially smaller parts, you should add a layer of cardboard at the bottom and on top of the bale to keep it stable.

Plastic drums

Plastic drums are used in many different industries for containing e.g. powder, oil, foodstuff and other products.

The compaction of these drums can be done one by one in a drum press, or you can compact them into bales with our larger X-series balers.

We recommend that you consult us or your local Bramidan distributor for advice about how to achieve the best results for compaction of this kind of material.

Computer cases

Computer cases or cabinets - the description can vary depending on the application. You can find this type of plastic material in computers, televisions and accessories for these products.

You will need a baler with a high press force and a very strong construction to be able to compact this kind of waste material, like the balers you find in our X-series.

Before you start compacting such hard plastic material, we recommend you contact us or your local Bramidan distributor for advice about how to handle and achieve the best compacting results.

Big Bags

Big bags are used for transporting e.g. wood, gravel and sand. They are also used in different industries for storage of production materials, and you will often find them in the offshore and agricultural industries.

Big bags are very bulky material, and they can be tough to fill into a baler. But once inside you will achieve a very efficient compaction when using the right machines.

Some big bags are meant to be re-used, and therefore it is important they are not damaged during compaction. If you want to re-use your big bags, just let us know and we will prepare the baler for this purpose.