LG Sonic

Biofouling control in cooling basins - Water and Wastewater

Prevent biofilm formation and lower bacterial counts, and chemical consumption.

The LG Sonic devices emit specific ultrasonic parameters in order to control biofouling in cooling basins.

When temperatures are high, for example in cooling towers, a matrix of different microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, EPS and algae can grow very rapidly. The disadvantages of biofilm formation in cooling towers can be enormous. Therefore water used in cooling towers needs frequent treatment and chemical shocks to keep levels of micro-organisms to a minimum. Algae can grow in the cooling tower itself and on the grids from the tower.

Effective treatment to control biofouling

The LG Sonic system eliminates up to 90% of the current algae and prevents the growth of biofilm.

Reduce chemical dosage

Ultrasound improves the reaction between chemicals and reagents, which lowers the need to use expensive and environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

Reduce the risk of spreading legionella

Legionella can cause serious health hazards for humans when spread through air conditioning.

Scientifically proven technology

The products are developed in collaboration with several renowned universities and research institutes

Each LG Sonic industrial-line system has a treatment range up to 10 meters and can be installed in the pond itself. The device can be connected with a cable to a power outlet or can work autonomously on a solar-powered system.