HydroThane STP BV

Biological waste water treatment plants solutions for municipalities - Government - Municipalities

A wide variety of sludge, including municipal sewage sludge, are treated in anaerobic digesters.

In these digesters, there is a certain amount of biogas created and this consists of CH4, CO2 and H2S. This biogas is often used for creating green energy.

These sludge digesters produce biogas, which can contain H2S. For reasons related to health, safety and corrosion, removal of H2S is required. Hydrothane can offer both the HydroThane Chemical Scrubbing Process and the HydroThane Biological Scrubbing Process.

HydroThane BSP technology is the best method for H2S removal combining deep H2S removal, a very high reliability and availability, and low lifecycle costs. The clean biogas can be used to produce electricity or to replace natural gas in a boiler.