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Blowers for waste water treatment - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Usage here can vary greatly, from small waste water treatment plants (WWTP`s), serving just 2 - 5 population equivalents, up to much larger sites which treat the waste from cities with many thousand population equivalents

The blowers are mainly used for the supply of pressurised air for the aeration systems, where it is used to treat the water entering the plants. Other applications on these sites also include units which can be set up for the backwash of system filters, or in the case of drinking water plants, the backwash of sand filters.

These units range in air volumes and encompass the full product range from 7 - 10000m3/h, with typical pressures from 250 - 800mbar.

The main applications for aeration or agitating liquids include : -

  • Water and waste treatment
  • Fish transportation
  • Fish farming
  • Asphalt refining
  • Oyster washing
  • Chemical processing