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Borescope for Rifle and Shotgun Inspection - Health and Safety - Fire Safety

Cleaning and maintaining the barrel is a critical part of caring for any firearm, ensuring safe and accurate long-term use. Rigid borescopes are a valuable tool for inspecting not only the barrel but just about any hard to visualize places on a firearm. All you need is a space large enough to insert the lens into. Borescopes for rifle and shotgun inspections are relatively easy to use and allow you real-time visualization; cameras can also be attached to the borescope to take pictures or record video during visual observation. Professional borescopes for firearm provide the only way to thoroughly inspect inside the barrel of a gun or rifle, allowing you to have clear, crisp and up-close views of the entire barrel.

The bore of a firearm is subject to wear every time it is fired or cleaned, using a rifle inspection borsecope to inspect the firearm will allow you to clean and maintain the gun much more thoroughly. This will save you time, improve accuracy, and prolonging the working life of your fire arm.

Borescopes can be used to:

  • Inspect new and used guns before purchasing
  • Check that bore has been properly cleaned
  • Check for wear on the bore
  • Identify areas of fouling in the barrel
  • Inspect barrels for defects
  • Inspect insides of cases, lug recesses, etc.

Traditionally flexible and rigid borescopes are widely used for barrel maintenance control. They provide the viewer with an absolutely crisp and clear image, due to special rod lens optical system inserted into the insertion tube. Better images, with less flares, will be seen from rigid borescopes with fixed side view lens (30, 90 or 110 degree direction of view) compared to borescopes with mirror tips attached.

Another option is new German made rigid borescopes with swivel lenses. Patented 360° Rotatable Objective Sleeves with viewing directions of 30°, 70° and 90° provide freedom of access, without moving the body of the scope. These interchangeable lenses, compared to rotating mirrors, show significantly better detailed images of the inspection area.

For inspections of extra small bores in firearm mechanism ultra thin fiberscopes will be the best choice. With outer diameter as small as 0.5mm virtually any gun's bore can be reached and inspected. And finally, thanks to new technologies we have videoscopes also available for firearm’s barrel control. Video borescopes have a micro camera on a rotating tip that let you see real time image on a portable monitor, capture it as snapshots or record video and transfer to computer for documentation of inspection process. Check out our line of Heron video borescopes to see how they can work for you.