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BREEAM Air Quality - Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing

The sustainability and environmental impact of a new build house is typically assessed using BREEAM. Part of the BREEAM assessment method is determining the air quality inside the house. Gradko can supply a range of products for qualified BREEAM assessors. We try to work with qualified BREEAM assessors to determine and meet their requirements. The products we normally supply are used for monitoring formaldehye and VOC levels in new build properties.

Our pumped formaldehyde diffusion tube analysis can be used to detect formaldehyde down to ppb levels in air. Our staff use our UKAS accredited analytical method to determine the level of formaldehyde in the air.

Sampling time for the pumped formaldehyde tubes normally lasts for a couple of hours, we recommend pumping our formaldehyde tubes at a rate of 200 ml/min and can supply pre-calibrated pumps if needed.

We supply diffusion tubes which can be used for either pumped or passive monitoring of VOCs. Our analysts can either determine the total amount of VOCs in the air or if more detailed analysis is required they can look for specific compounds or report the most abundant compounds found.

When our VOC tubes are pumped the sampling time normally lasts no more than a few hours, this allows for a quicker turnaround for results.

Passive sampling normally requires that the tubes are exposed for a period of 2-4 weeks if you would like look at average concentrations over longer periods