In-Situ, Inc.

By design, In-Situ equipment works together

The hallmark of any ecosystem is interconnection that promotes higher function. At In-Situ, we’ve taken that notion to heart and designed our equipment to work as one cohesive unit. From instrument to cable to communication device, all Level TROLL and Aqua TROLL products share the same ecosystem, designed to connect seamlessly to all shared accessories. Use our VuSitu mobile app for easy set up and deployment.

VuSitu Mobile

With equipment that works together, data collection is efficient, economical and easy. In fact, unlike other patched-together systems, a typical deployment of In-Situ equipment, including remote telemetry system, takes less than 30 minutes.

What makes it so simple?

  • Everything hooks together with our easy Twist-Lock connectors
  • A fully integrated solution requires no external batteries or solar panels for installation
  • Factory Advanced Setup ensures that your system is configured when it arrives and all devices are tested with your settings

So, if you’re wrestling with a hodgepodge of water monitoring equipment that’s costing you time and money, consider a simpler solution that makes it so much easier to get the data you need.