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Calibration of online particle sensors and measuring systems - Monitoring and Testing

Optical particle counter. Light scattering sensors (mass, size). Condensation particle counter (CPC, number). Scanning mobility particle sizer (SMPS, size, number). ELPI. Diffusion charging sensor (DC, active surface). Epiphaniometer (active surface). Aethalometer (BC, black carbon). Photoelectric aerosol sensor (PAS). Personal samplers for coulometric carbon analysis. Betameter (Mass). Referent material for EC and OC.

  • Basic aerosol research ,including studies of particle transport, diffusion, coagulation, nucleation and condensation,
  • Nano-particle research,
  • Particle charge and electrical-mobility studies,
  • Atmospheric aerosol studies,
  • Pollution studies,
  • Smog chamber studies,
  • Aerosol dynamics,
  • Combustion studies,
  • Engine exhaust studies,
  • Materials studies,
  • Inhalation toxicology studies.

Filter test

  • Filter efficiency test for particle filter, diesel particle traps

Test of smoke alarm devices

  • Smoke supplier for smoke test tunnel

  • Portable smoke source for the testing of smoke alarm devices