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Dust, SO2, NOx, CO, CO2 and other gases generated in the fuel decomposition, combustion and other production processes of cement industry have a serious impact on the atmospheric environment. So it is essential to check the content of these gases for energy conservation, increase productivity, reduce energy consumption and protect the safety of life and production. The company`s gas analysis technology can accurately and reliably measure various industrial gas content, to provide a complete gas analysis solutions for the cement industry.

LGT-180 uses advanced infrared laser gas analyzer technology with high reliability, long maintenance cycle, low detection limit,, and can be widely used in the trace and constant CO, CO2, H2S, CH4, HCl, HF and other online gas analysis occasions. EM-5 has the current variety of online gas analysis of advanced technology incorporated into it for high technology content. Wherein, NO UV DOAS analysis, CO infrared laser gas analyzer technology, high reliability, long maintenance cycle, low detection.

LGT-180 Series analyzer uses advanced infrared laser gas analysis technology, with no moving parts, high reliability, and is amended by the algorithm to ensure that CO measurement results from moisture interference. The gas chamber uses white cell technology, the analyzer detection limit can be as low as 0.5ppm. NO uses DOAS analysis in EM-5 Series analyzers. CO uses infrared laser gas analysis technology which is the most advanced trace analysis technology with no moving parts and hig