Channel Networks - Fix Installation Measurements for hybrid flow measurement in main collector sector - Water and Wastewater

Hood profile 2200 x 1980. Part filled and full. Precast concrete parts. Sedimentation and temporary overflow.

  • Detection of flow rates in a large main collector of a combined sewage channel network ranging from low nightly discharge to flood events.
  • Due to sedimentation, stones and debris sensors cannot be installed on the channel bottom.
  • At rainfall events the collector may be completely flooded and may build up pressure.

  • The newly developed NivuFlow 7550 hybrid system with combined flow velocity measurement using contactless surface radar and a laterally installed medium-contacting cross correlation sensor was used.
  • The part filled level is detected using ultrasound from top down, high levels and flood are detected by the pressure cell integrated in the cross correlation sensor.

  • Contactless detection of flow rates in dry weather and at nighttime.
  • Reliable flow measurements even under extreme discharge conditions and overflow.