Channel networks solutions for precipitation measurement with GPRS transmission - Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

Investigation of precipitation volumes for billing purposes within a water association consisting of several communities. Setup of 7 precipitation measurement spots to detect stormwater volumes. Transmission of detected data to central access point via GPRS desired.

  • Four rain gauges have been available for the detection of precipitation volumes so far which however had to be read out manually. The data then had to be put together manually as well
  • For more accurate detection of precipitation distribution 3 additional measurement spots are to be set up

  • Three new rain gauges have been installed addtionally. Then each of the 7 measurement stations has been equipped with a NivuLog Easy unit for data storage and GPRS transmission.
  • The data loggers are supplied by using the power supply of the rain gauge heating.
  • The 'Device-to-Web' data portal independently creates all required statistics as daily and monthly values and gathers the data in a common spreadsheet. This significantly facilitates overall evaluation.
  • The communities connected additionally get separate access to their readings so that the previously required manual data exchange is
    no longer necessary.