Channel networks solutions for replacement of measurement with inverted syphon sector - Water and Wastewater

Rectangular concrete channel, approx. 2.5 x 2.5 m (w x h). Part filled. Impoundage shield installed later in the channel with inverted syphon and EMF DN 800.

  • Detection of very low to very high flow rates
  • Highly reliable system without formation of backwater and aerosols
  • Resistant to sludge formation

  • The installed EMF, which failed to measure at low flow rates due to sludge formation and detected only parts of the flow rates due to impoundage and emergency discharge, was removed.
  • The channel was equipped with a float fixed to the ceiling. The float includes a flow velocity sensor which, immersed into the medium, detects the velocity distribution based on the cross correlation principle.

  • No backwater in the channel
  • No unpleasant odours due to aerosols
  • No sludge formation within measurement pipe
  • High accuracy at very low as well as maximum flow rates