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Verderflex tube pumps provide precision pumping and dispensing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The pumps range from simple manually variable pumps to versatile units with sophisticated dispensing profiles programs. Capable of speed, accuracy and the easy to use pump range are perfect for dispensing delicate, viscous, corrosive, shear sensitive or abrasive fluids.

  • Dispensing flows from a few ml/min up to 1.3 l/min
  • Dosing accuracy of ±0.5%

The Verderflex Smart and Verderflex Scientific programmable, benchtop tube pumps can be:

  • Simple manual control, ideal for small scale production
  • Remotely controlled by external sensors for feedback control
  • Fully automatic dosing pumps with optional multi-channel heads forming the heart of production systems

Both families have quick tube changeover ideal when dispensing a range of different chemicals or dosing different batch sizes.

Optional IP66 cases are ideal for high pressure washdown environments.
Often the bio-technology industry produces cultured solutions that are fragile and even the gentle pumping action of the standard peristaltic pump is deemed too harsh, affecting yields. In such situations optional low pulsation 6 Roller pumps heads can be supplied.

Similarly, where aseptic pumping conditions are the norm, the tube pump’s only contact part is the sterilisable tube minimizing process validation needs and ensuring total containment and isolation of active cultures.