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BCP™ 5000 Series Products offer a solution to sulfur deposition issues that often plague geothermal cooling towers in electric power plants. Geothermal energy systems experience a number of unique operational problems. Fluids produced from geothermal reservoirs include steam, brine and a variety of non-condensable gasses (CO2, H2S, CH3, N2, etc.). In water cooled systems with direct contact condensers, elemental sulfur fouling in the cooling system can be a significant problem.

The pictures below illustrate geothermal power plants with severe sulfur deposition that causes frequent shut-downs for cleaning.  This severe sulfur deposition reduces system efficiency resulting in reduced mega-watt output from the plant.

BCP™ 5000 Series Products (containing DTEA II™) are well known as organic deposit penetrants and dispersants. In rigorous testing in large geothermal plants in Mexico and the Philippines, DTEA II™ has been shown to be the only chemistry effective in removing pre-existing hard elemental sulfur deposits, and in preventing the formation of new elemental sulfur deposits.

IR Thermography clearly shows better hot & cold temperature water mixing in a geothermal electric power plant cooling tower located in Mexico.