Chemical Water Treatment for equipment & engineering - Manufacturing, Other

Equipment and Engineering offers the right solution for your application of Kurita Products. Starting from simple dosing pumps up to specific dosing systems for special applications Kurita provides you the right solution for your application. Moreover Kurita offers also monitoring and control equipment to analyze that the right concentration of your Kurita products is being used in your system. Further Kurita provides specific equipment to follow the KPIs of your system, so you can be sure that the expected treatment effect is achieved.

As a part of the monitoring philosophy Kurita Europe monitors and equipment are designed to monitor and analyze the active substances or the key performance indicators as easy and as realistic as possible.

Kurita product monitors analyze the main real active substance chosen for your application.

If the treatment program is designed based on the corrosion inhibiting properties than this corrosion inhibitor is monitored. If it is based on scale prevention than the active scale inhibitor is monitored. These monitors represent the latest state of the art technology in monitoring concepts.

KPI-Monitors have been chosen to simulate as close as possible the actual conditions inside the water system monitored. The measuring principles wherever possible are simulating the real conditions in the system to allow to monitor the KPI as close as possible to the real conditions inside the system and the pipes plant.

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