Chemical Water Treatment for process chemicals - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

Kurita Water Solutions provides oil refineries and petrochemical plants with all the chemical additives used directly in the process, to fight the problems caused by the composition of the crude oil and the intermediate products. In oil refineries and petrochemical plants the goal is to improve efficiency and to optimise the production capacity.

In addition our process chemicals include specific products for coke plants (coke making from coal) such as sealing and coating agents to minimise harmful emissions, prolong equipment lifetime and increase productivity.

Ferrosolf® - Kurita broad range of products for the treatment of large industry processes:

  • Crude oil refining (desalting, distillation, cracking etc.)
  • Petrochemical processes (e. g. cracking + processing)
  • Fuel oil combustion and related processes
  • Coke production from coal

Using Kurita Water Solutions treatment programs prevents the following problems:

  • Equipment fouling
  • Low preheating temperature of crude oil
  • Reduction in productivity
  • Plant downtime
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Low quality of finished products
  • Increase in operating costs