DuPont Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide for food, produce, and animal health industry - Food and Beverage

The food we grow and eat can be sources of disease.  While most of these diseases are associated with animal protein, even fruits and vegetables can be a source of disease due to infection from contaminated water.  The use of chlorine dioxide increases sanitation and disinfection and, in the case of food and produce, offers the added benefit of not leaving residue.



When water is used in the Flume application, several benefits occur.  These include reduction in the number of bacteria and fungus in the water and an increase in the amount of filth and dirt removed as the product is moved.


CIP Sanitizer (Clean-In Place Sanitizer)

For CIP applications, water is injected directly into a facility’s fluid distribution network and circulated for a set duration of time.  Compared to traditional chlorine chemicals or hot water, overall chemical costs are reduced, sewage disposal costs are lowered or eliminated, and system deterioration is diminished.



Chlorine dioxide has many uses in canneries relating to sanitizing and cleaning at the various food processing stages.