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Circular Economy - Environmental

Our world economy is only 9.1% circular, leaving a massive Circularity Gap. This is an alarming United Nations statistic from the global Circularity Gap Report. Released this year, the Circularity Gap Report provides data and a framework for measuring and monitoring progress in bridging this gap, year by year. Tracking and targeting performance via the Global Circularity Metric helps us engage in uniform goal-setting and guides future action toward the greatest impacts.

“Closing the circularity gap serves the higher objective of preventing further and accelerated environmental degradation and social inequality.”* The transition to circularity is therefore a means to an end. Its systemic approach boosts capacity and capability to serve societal needs by embracing and endorsing the best humanity has to offer: the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration.

“The circular transition thereby provides actionable ways forward to contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.”* Our linear model failed both people and the planet. Circular economy strategies have the potential to mitigate the associated climate impacts, given that the majority (67%) of global greenhouse gas emissions are related to material management.

  • Taking an active role in closing the gap!
  • Learning about new legislation and global challenges.
  • Constructing new business cases.
  • Readying yourself for the changes ahead.
  • Integrating concepts into your supply chains and material flows (design and systems thinking).
  • Fully utilizing thinkstep’s insights in your transformation.
  • Identifying and reaping opportunities for your business.
  • Discovering new innovation platforms.

You can translate the global targets into local pathways for circular change, interpreting the bigger picture for countries, individual sectors, supply chains, regions and cities to embed strategies into your specific context and align with incentives and mandates.

thinkstep can guide you along this path and offer tools to achieve your goals.

With a systemic approach, you can boost capacity and capability to serve societal needs and embrace and endorse the best humankind has to offer: the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration. Move your company along its individual path toward Circular Economy. Here is what we offer.