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Cleanrooms for Aerospace

As the world changes and new technologies develop, the aerospace industry is growing and increasing in relevance. The aerospace engineering and manufacturing industry is known for its high standards for both products and work environments due to the critical nature of aerospace products. Per ASTM E2352, aerospace cleanrooms must meet, at a minimum, ISO Class 7/Federal Standard 209 Class 10,000 requirements.

When it comes to the rigorous standards of the aerospace engineering and manufacturing industry, Angstrom Technology designs, creates, and installs the best modular cleanrooms available. For the high level of control needed for aerospace work, we offer HardWall cleanrooms. HardWall cleanrooms are designed to comply with the most stringent classification and can be freestanding or incorporate your existing building—walls, HVAC system, etc. Our RigidWall cleanrooms can also provide a suitable environment for aerospace applications with a greater degree of versatility, allowing you to make changes as necessary to the layout of your cleanroom.

Our cleanrooms can be designed to incorporate a variety of lighting options (standard, flow through, LED strips, and more), air flow systems that can incorporate dedicated or existing HVAC units, and multi-stage HEPA air filtration systems—a necessity for maintaining air purity and filtering out contamination.

To discover more about Angstrom Technology’s cleanroom offerings, as well as our cleanroom design, maintenance, and installation services, download our Cleanroom Design Guide or give us a call to speak with an engineer about your cleanroom needs.