Cloud-Based Health and Safety Software for Construction - Construction & Construction Materials

Construction workers face some of the highest risks of accident and injury of any industry. This places an even greater emphasis on ensuring that employees have the insight they need to ensure safety is maintained. Large teams of workers and collaboration between multiple contractors make for more complex risk management, but our collaborative compliance tools are designed to simplify this process.

Typical hazards

Working at height

Working at height is almost unavoidable in construction. Our tools and resources are designed to ensure employees are aware of and are able to manage this risk.

Hand/arm vibration

CRAMS can keep track of which employees are exposed to vibration from construction equipment, providing the insight you need to manage your team appropriately.

Bystander safety

Appropriate procedures must be applied on site to ensure the safety of contractors and bystanders. CRAMS can help you implement and audit this process.


Risk of exposure to asbestos can be mitigated through assessment and training. With our help, you can feel confident your team is protected from harm.

Collaborative compliance

In order to simplify the process of collaboration with partners in construction projects, we offer CRAMS Network. This specialist tool allows multiple stakeholders to share health and safety information amongst themselves, including risk assessments and method statements, policies, toolbox talks, reports, news and training records. Risk assessments can be set to require authorisation from as many stakeholders as necessary before work commences, with a comprehensive audit trail recorded.

Incident reporting

Keeping a track of accidents and incidents is important to developing better strategies to avoid risk. Because our tool is cloud-based, users within your team can submit reports from wherever the incident takes place. Better than reporting an incident of course, is reporting a hazard before it becomes a problem. Our product allows for this information to be fed into the central system so that method statements can be produced, mitigating the potential risk.

Building safety

If you’re looking for a secure and effective way of working with external stakeholders on a construction project, or simply want to find an easier way of managing your team’s training requirements, CRAMS can help. Our tools are easy to use and intelligently designed to provide value and insight, helping you reduce the level of risk your company and employees are exposed to.