Cloud-Based Health and Safety Software for Healthcare - Health Care

The healthcare industry employs a diverse workforce looking after a predominantly vulnerable population. This poses unique risks to your staff and to the public, with those using your services entitled to a level of care and support that takes into account their needs, freedoms and dignity. By using our flexible cloud-based tool, you can assess risk, record incidents, keep track of training needs and ensure the highest level of compliance.

Typical hazards

Manual handling

Our MAC assessment tool integrates with real-time risk assessment of manual handling tasks, with competency training focusing on the safe lifting of children and adults.

Infection control

Our specialist tools and resources can help ensure you use the latest techniques to limit the spread of germs, safeguarding employees and patients.


CRAMS can be used to record incidents and our resources can help your staff understand how to react safely to patients who are violent or distressed.

Lone working

Our lone working risk assessment and lone working for managers training helps staff identify and manage risk when working separately from the rest of your team.

Flexible design

The flexible design of our software and the broad range of H&S management tools that it offers, from risk assessment and incident reporting to competency training, means that CRAMS is suitable for use across a number of different care settings within healthcare. This spans the care that healthcare professionals provide to patients in their own homes as well as in clinics and hospital settings.

Training prompts

One of the key advantages of our product is the degree of automation it delivers. Our tool will keep track of employee training as well as the training needs tied to each role. CRAMS also sends out prompts to staff to complete training and will do so again when a refresher is due. This simplifies dealing with training expiry, the induction of new team members and moving staff between roles that have differing training requirements.

Safety and health

Our resources are designed by a team that understands the sector’s risks in detail. With real-time risk assessment, incident reporting and certified training, you can gain insight into your organisation’s safety culture and take new measures to improve the expertise within your team. What’s more, our translation feature makes it even easier to ensure that health and safety requirements are understood by your employees, with 56 language options available to the diverse workforce delivering healthcare provision.