StormSensor Inc

Cloud-Based Software for Coastal Management - Shipbuilding & Water Transport

Sea level rise actively threatens our coastal infrastructure. StormSensor makes it easy and affordable to track changing coastal flow patterns in real time. So you can respond to events as they occur and base decisions regarding future infrastructure upgrades on solid data.

Rising sea levels and stronger storm surges affect every community located on or near the coast. StormSensor's easy-to-use system gives you the tools you need to spatially track impacts in real time and respond quickly. Data trends help you target future capital
expenditures in the highest-priority areas first.

Get actionable insights about your stormwater system with our easy-to-deploy system of hardware, software, and analytics. It's easy to deploy networks of Scute™ sensors to track coastal and inland flows associated with flooding, storm surges, or tidal intrusion.


  • Scute™ sensors track water depth, velocity (+/-), flow, and temperature in real-time.
  • Data are immediately usable via our Terrapin™ cloud-based software.
  • All monitoring data are correlated with local weather data, and the sensor readings are QA/QC'd in real time.
  • Site-specific alerts and notifications add insight to raw data.

  • Cost-effectively track where and when high-tide flooding and storm surges impact your stormwater system.
  • Receive real-time alerts that allow you to respond to flooding issues as they arise, allowing you to properly warn the public, mitigate damage, and avoid costly clean-ups.
  • Use empirical data for resiliency planning to protect billions of dollars of coastal property.