Titan Cloud Software, LLC

Cloud software solutions for bulk petroleum storage - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Mitigate regulatory risk. Run your AST facilities at peak efficiency. Bulk petroleum facilities face onerous environmental demands. Demands that if not met consistently and with precision, could cost you tens of thousands of dollars per day and even threaten to hobble your operation. Titan automates even the most thorny areas of AST regulatory compliance, from spill prevention and ground water protection, to alarm monitoring and testing that meets API standards. So you`ll be on top of every test & inspection date, every critical document and equipment spec, and every maintenance activity to ensure your business keeps pace with its opportunity for growth.

Run your AST operations at peak efficiency on the Titan cloud with the following software modules and options:

  • AST Compliance Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Emission Control & Compliance
  • Industry Codes & Standards Management (API, STI, SACE, NFPA)
  • EPA Technical Requirement Tracking & Management
  • SPCC & Emergency Response Management

  • Surface water/ground water spill prevention and protection
  • Corrosion protection systems management (coatings, cathodic protection, foundation)
  • Release detection monitoring & management
  • Systems testing management in accordance with API and other standards
  • Secondary containment, mobile, and portable container polling & management
  • Integrity testing tracking
  • Release reporting, investigation and confirmation
  • SPCC compliance management (tier 1 and non-tier 1)
  • Facility operations/maintenance management
  • Email reminders of critical dates and deadlines
  • Facility lease and equipment warranty tracking
  • Product delivery tracking by vessel, pipeline, rail, or truck
  • Stock loss standards and reconciliation
  • Emission computation methodology by tank type (EPA AP-42 and EPA Tanks Program)
  • TRI reporting
  • ORVR & CARB requirement management
  • Mobile visual inspection app and deficiency management


  • Central visibility and management of AST facilities, tanks, and lines
  • Mitigation of all major compliance & regulatory risks
  • Complete testing and inspection management
  • Single, multi-user repository for all environmental site data & docs
  • Improved operational efficiencies