Cloud software solutions for fleet operators using fuel - Automobile & Ground Transport

The top run fleet operators use Titan software to get them down the road more efficiently. Whether it`s monitoring tank alarms in real-time, optimizing inventory across a network of both USTs & ASTs, or more efficiently managing fuel-system compliance, Titan makes heroes of fuel and environmental managers in the rent-a-car and transport industry. For starters, Titan mitigates your core environmental risks, arming you with a central dashboard and effective management tools that keep you on top of it all. This includes ATG alarms, release detection data, testing results, inspections, NOVs, and environmental-related forms, photos, and documents. Next, we hand over the key to responsible ATG network management, with on-demand tank inventory and remote gauge configuration to ensure you can effectively optimize your in-ground and above ground fuel. Finally, Titan streamlines your maintanance and work order process, linking you with site-level employees, techs, vendors, and field team members to centrally manage all facility requests in one system. In short, Titan software helps you run a better, more efficient rent-a-car or commercial fleet operation.

  • Single-source repository for all compliance data
  • Fuel management from any device: smartphone, pad, laptop, PC
  • Release detection & testing management
  • BIR/inventory variance automation
  • Permit/test renewal notification
  • Central work order management
  • Vendor/technician management
  • Asset/equipment inventory tracking
  • E-file management
  • Mobile apps (synchronization with Titan cloud)
  • Deficiency tracking & resolution management


  • Protects the value of your land & brand by ensuring against environmental incidents
  • Reduces regulatory fines & NOVs
  • Provides a single, multi-user platform for fuel, environmental and facility management
  • Saves time and money via remote ATG network management
  • Reduces run-outs, haul backs & optimizes tank levels
  • Increases maintenance efficiency by central work order management
  • Ensures more work performed under warranty or by the right vendors