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You simply can`t afford a stinging environmental rebuke from the EPA or your state regulatory agency. Not only can fines be expensive, the reputational costs are inexcusable. You`ve invested far too much building trust in your community to take such a risk. The new proposed EPA regulations mean every facility that stores fuel must conform to a higher standard of due diligence. Failure to do so can mean heavy fines, increased liability, and deep brand damage. These new regulations augment and put teeth into the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which now expands to encompass all facilities that store fuel. Compliance requires monthly visual inspections and very specific record-keeping practices, best managed on a secure cloud solution. Titan cloud software keeps hospitals and related facilities on the high road, above the risks of regulatory non-compliance. It is the leading environmental compliance management software in the industry, currently managing over 60,000 USTs (Underground Storage Tanks), as well as thousands of ASTs (Above Ground Storage Tanks). Simply subscribe to Titan, and you`re well on your way to maintaining 100% compliance.

Choose from the environmental and mobile inspection software options below to keep your health care facility in compliance with the new regulations:

  • Storage tank compliance management on the cloud
  • E-mail notification of important dates
  • Inspection and testing tracking and management
  • Best-practice tank inspection software for iPhone, iPad

  • Single-source repository for all compliance data
  • Anywhere, anytime fuel tank management from any device: smartphone, pad, laptop, PC
  • Mobile tank/site inspection app for iPhone
  • EPA and state compliance management and tracking


  • Ensures 100% regulatory compliance
  • Manages fuel storage-related risks
  • Provides management visibility and issue resolution workflow