Titan Cloud Software, LLC

Cloud Software solutions for service providers - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Petrochemical

Every petroleum equipment provider and environmental company understands that it takes the right tools to do the job. Titan`s cloud toolbox contains everything your business needs to provide top-notch services, and scale those services across thousands of sites without adding staff. Use of Titan`s cloud helps create new rivers of revenue that will flow your way to feed your business for years to come. For starters, Titan can link you to your client`s ATGs so you can stay on top of their critical alarms and resolve most of these remotely in minutes. This makes you invaluable. If you offer environmental services, Titan`s software automates release detection from the ATG, manages and keeps you apprised of critical testing and inspection dates, reminds you when registrations and permits are coming due, and provides a dashboard in which to manage each client with ease. On the maintenance front, you`ll find no better tool to dispatch and manage work orders, perform monthly visual inspections from an iPhone or iPad, and keep your clients continually in the services loop with you.

  • Single-source repository for all client data
  • Anywhere, anytime ATG management from any device: smartphone, pad, laptop, PC
  • Automated release detection & testing management
  • Automated BIR/inventory variance
  • Permit/test renewal notification
  • Central work order management
  • Vendor/technician management
  • Asset/equipment inventory tracking
  • E-file management
  • Mobile apps (syncs with Titan cloud)
  • Deficiency tracking & resolution management


  • Scalable management of your client's key data
  • Ability to offer extended, monetized services
  • Remote ATG network management
  • Branded as your system
  • Puts you in your client's services loop
  • Increases maintenance efficiency by central work order management
  • Ensures more work performed under warranty or by the right vendors