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CompactFiltration - Filter systems for cooling lubricants used in grinding processes; Well-maintained cooling lubricants play an ever more important role in grinding processes, to ensure customers` requirements are met with regard to surface quality and adherence to tolerances.

Effective treatment of cooling lubricants
During machining it is essential that the grinding tool and workpiece are evenly lubricated and cooled, and the accumulated swarf and grinding wheel abrasion particles are reliably removed by the cooling lubricant. If the cooling lubricant is contaminated by particles which have not been removed by filtration, loss of precision, increased tool wear and consequently reduced service lives may result. With constantly increasing demands, therefore, lasting, effective treatment of the cooling lubricants significantly improves the efficiency of the grinding process. What's more, customers are increasingly focussing on the operating costs for the filter equipment used.

To meet these requirements, GKD manufactures compact filter systems which satisfy today's needs for effective cooling lubricant treatment. By using backflushable stainless steel meshes, both economic and ecological factors are taken into account. The filter systems can subsequently be integrated seamlessly into the customer's process.