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Compact Filtration for Parts Cleaning / High-pressure Cleaning - Waste & Recycling

Parts cleaning in the automotive industry; In view of the growing variety, shorter delivery times and continuously rising output volumes, short cycle times ensure both manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry remain competitive on the international market while safeguarding high parts quality and manufacturing precision at the same time.

Efficiency and reliability in the parts cleaning process are key success factors here. The filter systems used in industrial washing processes have a direct influence on the required quality and quantity of motor components to be machined. Customised cleaning systems with high-performance filters ensure optimum, reproducible cleaning results as well as the necessary cost efficiency.

High-pressure cleaning of skids
To meet the high demands in terms of surface quality when coating vehicle bodies, skids, for example, which convey the body parts through the coating line, must be regularly stripped of paint. The 503 and 504 modular compact filters are an ideal filter concept for such applications. They offer significant improvements in handling, eco-friendliness and cost efficiency for paint-stripping processes.