Macpresse Europa S.R.L

Complete solutions for the recycling industry - Waste and Recycling

For over 40 years, Macpresse designs and manufactures complete solutions for the recycling industry. From individual technologies, i.e. balers, shredders etc. right up to complete sorting plants and Material Recovery Faclities.

Our customers typically process either unsorted or pre-sorted industrial, commercial or municipal solid waste. We assess in detail the individual requirements of our clients, and offer customized solutions. The objective is to offer cost effective technologies, with predictable and low operation & maintenance costs, maximizing the existing floor space and to produce end bales with the highest possible density and shape.

Our balers can compact a large variety of different materials, from paper, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, to wood and other materials. Bales can be stacked safely to maximum permissible heights; they are easily handled and do not break even when dropped. Our bales sizes are optimal for truck and container loading, thus maximizing the available space.