Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Compressed air & gas solutions for vacuum technology - Air and Climate

Whether in foodstuff or pharmaceutical industry, in the chemistry or process engineering, metall processing or in automotive industry: in many branches of industry most different manufacturing processes require gas conditions with a pressure considerably below atmospheric pressure. A pressure of -700 mbar (300 mbar abs.) is considered as negative pressure. Below 300 mbar absolute the vacuum range begins, subdivided in rough, fine, high and ultra high vacuum.

AERZEN provides multiple solutions to the particular requirements of industrial vacuum and high vacuum technology: special blower series with canned drive. Vacuum-tight and air-cooled. Available in a wide range of models for the conveyance of neutral or aggressive gases – with or without pre-inlet.

Suitable for a range of applications from foil and glass coating to the extraction of hydrogen – or even for use in the clean-room conditions.