Cycle Stop Valves, Inc.

Constant Pressure pump control valves - Domestic

For use with water well pumps and booster pumps, the Cycle Stop Valve (CSV) turns any pump into a variable flow, constant pressure system. Working in conjunction with a small pressure tank, the CSV is usually adjusted to the middle of the pressure switch range. IE; 40/60 PSI switch, 50 PSI CSV. The size of the pressure tank determines how much water can be used by the house, before the pressure drops to 40 PSI, and the pressure switch starts the pump. As long as flow rates in and around the house vary from 1 GPM to as much as the pump can produce, the CSV maintains a constant 50 PSI on the system. When there is no more flow required for the house, the CSV allows the little pressure tank to fill to 60 PSI, and the pump is shut off by the pressure switch.

The CSV system uses a very small pressure tank, usually containing 1 gallon of water or more, to allow a well pump or a booster pump to remain off during small requirements for water. The CSV will also work with larger tanks but, since the CSV controls the pressure and flow, large pressure tanks are not required.

The CSV has state of the art technology, designed to mimic the “constant pressure” control of Variable Frequency Drive, VFD, or “so called” constant pressure pumps. Requiring no electronics, and therefore using no extra power, the CSV eliminates the problems long associated with VFD control.