Hoover Ferguson

Container solutions for government & military - Defense

To provide tools to protect valuable assets and increase productivity across departments. To function efficiently, national and local governments, public works agencies and educational institutions have found Hoover Ferguson products and services beneficial in a multitude of areas.

  • Track Vehicles and Assets in real time: Real-time tracking uses GPS asset tracking to display current location as well fleet and asset status
  • Protects High-Value Assets: Guard against theft and unauthorized use of expensive equipment in the field, and locate assets should they go missing
  • Increase Productivity
  • Connect to third-party applications

  • Reduce waste up to 90%
  • Reduces footprint and increase safety
  • functional features include roll-out carts, with bulkhead device to hold in place
  • Segregate waste at the source needing smaller footprint
  • Bale cardboard and plastic with compactor/baler that tilts, allowing forklift/crane/skid handing
  • Multi-compartment recycling compactors for integrated recycling programs with four, six or eight chambers

For commercial trash compacting and recycling waste materials, Hoover Ferguson offers the Enviro-Pak line of products with a number of options for compactors, balers, crushers and food grinders. Enviro-Pak products are ideal for applications that require a reduction in volume and space to save costs. Enviro-Pak's product line includes: