Opsis AB

Continuous emissions monitoring for mining & smelting - Mining

OPSIS non-contact monitoring solutions, based on either DOAS or TDL techniques, are very well suited for applications in the mining and smelting Industries, as the flue gas conditions often involve high temperatures and high dust concentrations.

The on-line, open-path systems are used for monitoring hydrogen fluoride (HF), sulphur dioxide (SO3) and hydrogen chloride (HCl) in potrooms, in fence-line applications, and in continuous emissions monitoring.

The OPSIS systems are tested and approved to have the best performance, the longest calibration interval, and low maintenance costs.

  • Combines the benefits of UV/FTIR DOAS and TDL technology
  • Best performance according to QAL1 certification
  • Longest calibration interval according to QAL1 certification
  • Withstands the aggressive environment
  • No sample required, non-contact measurement system
  • No sensitive electronic equipment, that might be exposed to high electro-magnetic fields
  • Operates with a minimum of maintenance
  • Gas calibration only once per year
  • Low energy consumption
  • Internationally approved
  • Serviced by highly skilled service network