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Continuous emissions monitoring in cement kilns - Environmental

Various pollutants form in the cement manufacturing process, especially when alternative fuels and waste-derived fuels are used. Typically a cement kiln using these fuels is a required to monitor hydrogen chloride (HCl). Gasmet CEM II is EN 15267-3 approved for HCl measurement in 0 … 15 mg/Nm3 range.High process temperatures result in generation of more nitrogen oxides (NOx) than in typical municipal waste incineration.

The Gasmet FTIR Gas Analyzer solutions such as the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System II (CEMS II) and the Portable DX4000 FTIR Gas Analyzer can easily monitor even high amounts of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas. High dust concentrations are also typical for cement industry emissions. The Gasmet CEM II has double-stage particle filtration; a rougher particle filter at the sampling probe and a second, finer particle filter element inside the sampling unit before the measurement cell. This double-stage filtration eliminates dust problems. In extremely high dust concentrations the use of an additional pre-filter on the sample probe is also possible, as is a periodic back-purge action with instrument air pulses at the probe. These options will help to eliminate all potential dust-related problems.