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Contrail® - software for flood warning and real-time hydrometeorological monitoring - Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring

OneRain’s Contrail suite of software turns data into actionable decision making. Real-time data collection and analysis: Integrates many sensor types and protocols and brings all your data together in one place. Advanced alarms and notifications management: Automates alert messaging based on configurable thresholds, rules, and conditions to notify your contacts via text and/or e-mail. Up-to-the-minute visualization of current conditions: Presents data in easy to understand maps, real-time dashboards and widgets, charts, graphs and tables. Learn more:

Contrail software by OneRain

Contrail-based solutions deliver unique capabilities and a full suite of advanced tools used for operational decision support in application areas such as Flood Warning, Dam Safety, Reservoir Gate Operations, Road Weather, and more.

Contrail can support your operations and provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Contrail® for Flood Warning
  • Contrail® for Dam Safety
  • Contrail® for Road Weather
  • Contrail® for Reservoir Gate Operations
  • Contrail® for High Water Detection