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Conventional Thermal Dryers for Sludge Drying - Energy - Geothermal Energy

Both REVOZ and Hyper-X dryers are capable of handling almost all kinds of organic and inorganic sludge such as sewage sludge, palm oil sludge, paper sludge, food sludge, biogas residual, digested manure, petrochemical and hydroxide sludge etc.

Both dryers can take in wet feed with a wide range of moisture content from 10% to 40% dry solids; and delivers a consistent partial to fully dried sludge, from 35% to above 90% dry solids. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications such as sludge reduction, prior to incineration, combustion and gasification, producing refuse-derived fuel, composting for agriculture, raw material for cement plants etc.

All high organic content sludge such as palm oil sludge, paper sludge, food sludge can be a good alternative fuel. Optimum dried refuse-derived fuel (RDF) combinations can be a low-cost fuel, excellent renewable energy catered for a sustainable future.

Upcycling Food Waste into biomass, animal feed & fertilizer

You might be puzzled and new to the area of food waste drying in the market.

'If global food waste were a country, it would be the third largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, just behind China and the US.' (22, Jan 2015 - How Reducing Food Waste Could Ease Climate Change, by Roff Smith, for National Geographic)

'Mrs Jen Teo, executive director of the Singapore Environment Council noted that food waste can be burned to produce energy, but a lot of food waste here has high water content' (23, Oct 2017 - The Straits Times. NEA to audit waste at food places, malls and hotels)

Our system is the perfect solution for the handling of food waste. It efficiently turns the food waste into biomass by removing the water content very quickly. It can take in all kinds of food waste and no extra manpower is needed to do sorting with a total process time of less than 20 mins.

  • Minimal input sorting (Food & non-food)
  • Allows site storage as the dried product can be stored for weeks without visual change, thus daily disposal of food waste no longer required
  • Less trips required, saves disposal costs and reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduce waste volume by 70%-80%
  • Improves hygiene & environmental condition at site
  • Less manpower to maintain the cleanliness
  • Small footprint
Animal Feed Production

Have tons of highly nutritional raw materials to dispose? You may be missing out on viable business opportunities!

We could be able to help you turn it into a profitable merchandise by extracting the water and make it preservable without additional chemicals.

Customized Applications

New applications that are based on your requirements are welcome! Contact us to find out more about how our technology can transform your product and business profile.