Cooling water flow measurement in renaturalised channel for power plants - Energy - Power Distribution

Application: Trapezoid channel 7 x 1.8 m (w x h). Part filled. Natural bed and bank.

Definition of Task

  • The cooling water volume fed from a power plant into a surface water body is to be detected.
  • The measuring section consists of a renaturalised surface water body.
  • Sensors shall be installed safely and have to be accessible at any time.


  • The sensors of the measurement system Type OCM Pro have been fastened on a movable carriage. The carriage has been put on two rails reaching into the water body.
  • The level is detected with a sensor-integrated hydrostatic measuring element.


  • A robust and accurate measurement has been installed without the need for comprehensive reconstruction measures. Furthermore the measurement can be accessed for maintenance purposes at any time.