Water treatment solutions for cooling water treatment

Efficiency is everything in the cooling water circuit. Everything at ProMinent revolves around the perfect cooling water circuit, which needs to experience few losses over its long life. The precise metering of inhibitors and biocides and suitable filters make this possible.

ProMinent can help you manage the two greatest challenges faced in operating a cooling tower. Metering inhibitors and biocides into the cooling water and using filters protects the cooling tower facility from corrosion, deposits and biological growth.

We can boost efficiency in cooling towers using

  • metering systems for hardness stabilisation, disinfection, dispersion and corrosion inhibition
  • measuring and control technology to control bleeding and measurement-dependent metering of biocides
  • gravity filters in open cooling circuits andozoneandchlorine dioxidesystems to treat cooling water
  • walk-on containers installed ready for use perform the entire cooling water treatment process – including metering, measurement, control and disinfection withchlorine dioxideand integrated heating and climate control.

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