Kraftonweg OY

corrosion / abrasion resistant β-Ta coating for for machinery parts

Kraftonweg OY runs experimental production and we are focused on development of novel functional metal coatings and new methods of their deposition, including composition-technique elaboration to match the particular customer requirements. Vacuum Droplet technology enabled us to first-obtain coatings in α/β-Ta modifications. The β-Ta coating in 50-100 µm has no analogs and feature both high hardness and high plasticity, could be deposited on Ti, AISI 316 and on other alloys with melting point above 600 Celsious degreees. The coatings show excellent adhesion and pores-free structure, thickness of 50-150µm, HV 200-800. We have obtained the coatings based on Ta, Ti, TiCu, Ti 6-4. The coatings were found to be strong enough against mechanical loading and could be used as wear and corrosive resistant in different industrial applications.